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Tips for Dealing With Ants in Your Skip

If you're worried about ants appearing in your skip or if you currently have a lot of ants around your skip, there are several things you can do to deter these little creatures. You may also want to take steps to ensure the ants can't get into your place of business. Check out these tips.

Double Bag All Food Rubbish

If you throw out food related rubbish such as leftover snacks or fruit peels from the break room, you may want to double bag that rubbish. That prevents the odours from escaping and luring in ants. In lieu of double bagging, make sure the bags are sealed tightly and don't have any holes.

Replace Skips With Holes or Rust

Just as a well secured rubbish bag can stop ants, so too can a well sealed skip. If your skip has rust or holes in it, it may be time to buy a new one. If a skip company provides you with the skip, you may want to contact them about getting a replacement. Holes or cracks make it easy to ants or other pests to get into your skip.

Spray Insecticide in the Skip

If you currently have an ant problem, you may want to spray some insecticide inside the skip. Ideally, you may want to do this on the day your rubbish gets picked up. Then, while the skip is empty, clean it out with hot water and a strong cleaner. Then, when it's dry, apply ant killer or a similar insecticide inside the bin. Make sure you use the insecticides that are designed to sit on surfaces and kill ants when they crawl over those surfaces.

If you believe that nearby foliage is harbouring the ants, you may also want to spray the plants with an insecticide that is safe to use near plants. That helps kill the ants in that area so they don't migrate to your skip.

Position the Skip Away From Your Business

Speaking of migration, you also want to ensure that the ants don't migrate from your skip to your work space. To prevent that from happening, don't lean your skip against the wall of your building. Instead, locate it as far from the building as you can. For instance, many business owners put the skip in a far corner of their facility's parking lot.

To get more tips on dealing with ants or other pests in your rubbish, contact a rubbish bin company directly.