Removing excess green waste

What Are the Main Categories of Waste That Rubbish Removal Service Deal With?

When it comes to rubbish removal, many people are clueless about what is involved. As a result, they dispose of anything and everything all in one place. However, that is not the proper way of disposing of waste as it could end up in the landfills causing environmental damage. People should be aware of the waste management system, which involves collecting, transporting and disposing of all waste produced. And when it comes to waste disposal, it all boils down to the waste category.  Below are a few of the waste categories.

Liquid and Solid Waste

All the waste that ends up in your black bag is mainly solid household waste and is usually collected by the municipal. Liquid waste is the dirty water you use for all cleaning which ends up in the sewer lines. Management companies can turn solid waste into liquid waste for easy disposal. The two main methods used in disposing of household waste are incineration and landfills. Incineration involves burning waste, while landfills involve burying the rubbish. 

Electrical Waste

If you have dead electronics like laptops, cell phones, or a DVD player, they all fall under electrical waste. However, be careful with how you dispose of electrical waste as it contains toxic materials like mercury, lead, and cadmium. Electrical rubbish removal involves recycling and recovery. Recovery means using some parts to make similar ones, while recycling is where the same item makes a different new item. Both methods aid in minimising waste amounts.  

Construction and Demolition Waste

During the construction or demolition of a building, there are all sorts of waste left behind, such as wood, concrete, plumbing parts, tiles, roofing shingles, carpeting, bricks, and many more. All this waste requires professional rubbish removal services for recycling and recovery. Waste like cement and bricks can are reusable when mixed and crushed with other materials like asphalt and concrete. The end product makes driveways and roadbeds. On the other hand, you can turn waste wood into chips that are suitable for landscaping.

Organic or Green Waste

This type of waste mainly comes from plants and animals. It could be vegetables, fruits, animal droppings, or flowers. They are known to be biodegradable, which means they can form manure which you can use to enrich your garden.

Knowing the above categories of waste is essential as it aids in proper waste management. Whichever type of garbage you have lying around, call for rubbish removal services. They know best what to do with it.