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Tenants From Hell? Tips To Quickly Get Your Investment Property Emptied and Clean

Having an investment property that is rented out to tenants is a popular choice for many Australians. If managed correctly with the right tenants, an investment property can provide you with financial security and a regular future income. Unfortunately, like many property owners around the country you may find yourself in a nasty situation with tenants who have left your property in a dirty, damaged, and rubbish strewn state.

Fortunately, comprehensive landlord insurance will generally cover any damage to the property that has been caused by the tenants and will also cover all or some of the lost rental due to non-payment by the errant tenant. However, the cost of removing the rubbish, cleaning the property, and the rent you'll miss out on while the property is uninhabitable are rarely covered by insurance.

To get your property cleared out and cleaned and ready for repair by contractors, you'll need to do the work yourself. To get this dirty job done as quickly as possible, do the following tips.

Hire a skip bin

Clearing out rubbish, discarded household items, and garden debris from your property can seem like a mammoth task. The fastest and most efficient way to get rid of it is to hire a skip bin which will be delivered to the property. Once it's full, the skip bin company will collect it and dispose of its contents.

Before deciding on the right skip bin to hire, talk to the company abut which size and type will be suitable for the materials which you need to dispose of. If there are any hazardous materials such as fuel, chemicals, or car tyres, then you may need to hire a small hazardous waste bin as well as a general household rubbish bin.

Hire a professional cleaning crew

Once the rubbish has been removed, you can then establish what fixtures and fittings can be salvaged and what will need replacing. After this, the cleaning process will begin. This is certainly something you can attempt yourself, but for a quick and thorough job, it's a wise idea to hire a professional cleaning crew.

A cleaning crew will have all the necessary equipment to clean a house safely, which is especially important if animal faeces, drug paraphernalia, or pest infestations are present. They can also hygienically steam clean carpets and soft furnishings and provide pest treatment to rid your property of fleas, cockroaches, and vermin.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that tenants will leave your property clean and undamaged. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, then these tips will help you to get your property back into top shape and ready to rent out again.