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Skip Bin Solutions for When You Live in an Apartment or Flat

The hiring of skip bins is a fairly straightforward process. You rent a bin of an appropriate size, it's delivered, you fill it up, and then it's collected again. The process can become slightly more complicated when you live in an apartment building or a block of flats. This is not to say that it's impossible (far from it), and yet a little more preparation work might be needed. So what is the best way to satisfy your skip bin needs when you live in an apartment building or a block of flats?

Your Own Parking Space

If you have your own parking space and it's in a location where the delivery truck can easily deposit the bin, then this is not going to be a major issue. Having said that, you should double check with your building's management or body corporate group. There might be some kind of idiosyncratic bylaws that prevent the use of a skip bin in your parking space. If permitted, the usage of a skip bin might be subject to noise restrictions, as in you can only dump things into the bin (which will realistically create some noise) during certain hours. The question is whether or not these certain hours will fit your schedule.

A Common Area

Perhaps your dedicated parking space is in an underground car park, or perhaps you don't have one at all. Have a word with your building's management or body corporate group to enquire whether you can receive permission to leave the skip bin in a common, paved area where the delivery truck is able to deposit the bin. In this instance, you should get a bin with a lid which can be locked. This will prevent your neighbours from assuming that a skip bin in a common area is for common use.

On the Street

If there is no suitable area within your building complex for the bin, you might want to leave it on the street. A permit from your local council is likely required, and many skip bin companies can arrange this for you for a small surcharge. Before proceeding, you will need to check for any parking restrictions in the street where you plan to leave the bin, as it might not be possible to deposit the bin directly outside your building. Again, a bin with a lid and lock is wise in order to prevent unauthorised dumping.