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Worksite Clearance: Three Considerations for Choosing a Compact Track Loader

If you are planning on conducting construction or landscaping work on your property, you should think about site clearance and garbage removal. Under ideal circumstances, you should have appropriate equipment for quick clearance of your land. One of the most reliable machines to consider for your project is a compact track loader. This type of unit is beneficial because of its compact design, easy operability and versatility. Here are some critical factors to help you choose the best loader for your project.

Loader Size

When choosing a compact track loader for your project, you should evaluate the different machine sizes on the market. The wrong equipment size can cause unnecessary inconvenience during the clearance of your property. In general, your loader should not be small in comparison to the space to be handled. If the machine is too compact, you will need more time to compete the clearance and loading work. On the other hand, a large track loader can cause extensive challenges on the site. For example, the equipment will not be able to manoeuvre through tight spots, and it will damage the ground. Therefore, you should take the unique characteristics of your worksite into account before making your decision.

Lifting Height

You should think about the lifting ability of the different compact track loaders on the market before selection. This aspect is important because it will affect the convenience of loading the waste materials from your worksite onto a dump truck or skip bin. Ideally, you can choose a compact lift with a vertical or radial lift pattern. Vertical lift loaders are designed to lift loads to higher heights than the alternatives. The greater reach and power is perfect for loading materials into relatively high-sided containers. Radial lift loaders have more forward reach and will work well for mid-height lifts. If you are planning on using the equipment for tasks such as backfilling, this option is more favourable.

Load Capacity

You should check the load bearing capacity of different compact track loader before choosing the most suitable for your project applications. The load capacity rating refers to the total amount of weight that the loader can lift safely. You should evaluate the materials that you intend to handle and choose the most compatible loader. For example, if you plan on lifting concrete blocks, you will need a machine with greater capacity than the one required for lifting hay bales. Once you select your compact track loader, you must ensure that the load limit is not exceeded.

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